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CarPET Disaster

Hey, everyone.  How’s it going?  In my last post, I gave a list of questions you should ask a potential roommate before signing your life away for a year.  One of the questions that I forgot to ask several of my roommates was the one about pets.  Now, I love animals (especially cats) and I’ve had pets most of my life, so I didn’t think twice when my roommate Jane told me she was adopting a dog.  I was actually excited about having a dog in the apartment, and offered to help with walking it and feeding it whenever she needed as long as she would let me play and cuddle with it.

So Jane brought “Ripley” home about a week later from the animal shelter.  He was very timid at first and decided that the corner of the couch was where he was going to set up shop.  Jane wasn’t given any type of back story on this pup, so there’s no telling what kind of life he had before ending up at the shelter.  Jane was determined to get Ripley to come out of his shell so she would spend every free moment talking to him, trying to get him to play, and brushing him.  She was obsessed with brushing that dog.  I’m surprised she didn’t brush all of his fur off of his back.  He seemed to like it though, so she kept brushing him.

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Favorite Questions to Ask a Potential Roomie

Hey, guys, how’s it going?  As an update to my last post we had the roof replaced, none of my stuff was damaged, and it’s been fairly calm around the house.  My roomie is still hammering away at things, but he’s also been working outside on the landscaping a lot so I guess that’s why it has felt a little more peaceful.

I’ve decided to write this post about things you should look for in a potential roommate.  After all of my strange, crazy, and out there roommates over the years, I feel like I can provide a great list of things you either want in a roommate or don’t want.  Here are some great questions to ask someone you are thinking about living with:

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